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The Comprehensive Software Package
for Time Trial Organisers

As an event organiser there is a great deal to do.

To start with you have to prepare and submit the prospectus, notify the police and obtain approval, appoint the timekeepers and other officials, find and book an event HQ. That's just the start.

A little later your real administrative work really starts. You must

  • Receive, validate and record all entry forms and entry fees
  • Have the field officially handicapped
  • Lay out the field in start time order
  • Calculate/check age categories or veterans standard times
  • Produce start sheets for each competitor and official
  • Produce envelopes or labels and mail the start sheets
  • Produce and distribute checking sheets for all marshals and officials
  • Produce an attractive, easily seen result board.

Our software package, based on a Microsoft Access Database takes the hard work out of each of these chores.  Checking sheets can be produced in a number of sequences, and start sheets formatted. You can chose if you wish to automatically print envelopes or labels.

On the day of the event, apart from making sure everything and everybody are in position,  dealing with problems, making sure refreshments are available, distributing and returning numbers, you have to:

  • Arrange for times to be recorded, checked, and returned for entry on the result board
  • Calculate handicaps, age and other category results, and perhaps vets standard times (+ or -) etc. for display
  • Decide on the prize-winners and record the result

Our software package lets you enter times as they are returned, and automatically calculates the results. You can chose to write the results on the result board, or if you have a computer and projector, display them on a screen.

After the event you still have a lot to do including:

  • Producing result sheets
  • Notifying officials of the results.
  • Producing envelopes or labels to distribute result sheets and prizes
  • Producing a set of accounts for the income and expenditure

Once the competitors times have been entered into the computer our software package takes care of the rest of these chores.

Why not take the chores out of the job and enjoy your event. You can re-use the system for all your races, including club events.

Give it a try, it only costs 35.

Send an e-mail for further information or to place an order to:

The software will be supplied on CD unless you request otherwise (such as e-mail, or floppy disc). State which version of Microsoft Access you have.

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