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Aerobic Base – PERIOD 1 – Four Weeks.

There are four cycling training sessions per week and two strength sessions. Follow the programme exactly as specified and do not forget to update your training diary after each session.

Carry out the strength exercises immediately before the mid week turbo sessions.

The schedule for period 1 is:

1.   Sunday.
Long steady ride at level 1 (Heart rate 70 to 75% of MHR) using whatever gears allow you to pedal at a cadence above 90rpm (remaining seated) whilst maintaining heart rate in the target range.

Week 1 – Minimum time 75 minutes.
Week 2 – Minimum time 80 minutes.
Week 3 – Minimum time 90 minutes.
Week 4 – Minimum time 70 minutes.

If it is not possible to go out on the road a turbo session can be substituted. However the time taken should be no more than 50% of the equivalent road session and the pedal cadence should be over 95rpm.

2. Early Week (Monday a.m. or p.m., or Tuesday a.m.). TURBO session – level 3 - intensive endurance.
Remember to warm up correctly and then pedal a gear (e.g. 52 X18), which enables you to maintain 95rpm at a heart rate at the top of level three (85% of MHR). Two intervals are ridden at this level. Between intervals pedal a low gear at 60 rpm until your heart rate falls to 75% of maximum, and then start the second interval.

Don’t forget to warm down fully at the end.

Week 1 – 2 x 8 minutes.
Week 2 – 2 x 10 minutes.
Week 3 – 2 x 12 minutes.
Week 4 – 2 x 7 minutes.

3. Mid Week (Tuesday p.m. or Wednesday a.m. or p.m.). TURBO session – level 2 and 3 – endurance.
Warm up and then pedal continuously (at least 95 rpm) at heart rate 80% of MHR (top of level 2) for 5 minutes and then increase pedalling speed (by at least 5 revs per minute) and pedal for a further 5 minutes at a heart rate of 85% of maximum. Decrease pedalling speed and pedal the next 5 minutes at heart rate 80% of MHR and then increase rpm for the next 5 minutes at heart rate 85% of maximum. During this session your pedal revs should never fall below 95 per minute. If your heart rate starts to rise above 85% of MHR change down a gear and keep your pedal revs high.

Week 1 - 20 minutes (5 minutes at 80%MHR, 5 minutes at 85%MHR repeated twice).
Week 2 – 30 minutes (repeat three times).
Week 3 – 30 minutes (repeat three times).
Week 4 – 20 minutes (repeat twice).

4. End Week (Friday or Saturday) Steady ride at level 2 - extensive endurance.
(Heart rate 75 to 80% of MHR) using gears allowing you to pedal at over 90 rpm whilst maintaining target heart rate.

Week 1 to 4 – 60 minutes each week.

Again, if it is not possible to go out on the road a turbo session of 30 to 40 minutes at the target heart rate can be substituted.

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